Dear Entrepreneur / Marketer,

The system is very simple. By following the detailed instructions in the materials you will receive, you will be able to process all the envelopes you like. All of the envelopes will be addressed and have postage stamps on them. They’ve made things as easy as possible for you. You will receive immediate payment for ALL the envelopes you receive. You never pay for postage! You never purchase mailing lists! You never do any door-to-door selling! You never talk to customers! You never need to do any advertising! And your income is guaranteed to be paid to you by the company! Your job will be to process and mail brochures for the company, informing people about their best in the business 
"Home Workers Guide."

One is included in your order!

You can mail as many letters as you wish; there is no limit to the number of pieces that you can process. Your earning potential is unlimited. You can use this income for anything you desire. You can buy a new car, buy a new house, and take a long overdue vacation. Why not join those of us who have no Boss 
telling us what to do. Plus, you will save on gas and baby-sitters, choose your own hours, and work at your own pace. You can take a break at any time. And you will never mail anything objectionable or pornographic. 

The Company  P.B. will help you gain huge profits in the mailing business. Because when you’re successful, they're successful. They are anxious to use your mailing services for their order forms. You will also learn how they can help you expand your operation and raise your new income levels even higher. The possibilities are unlimited! Plus, with the “Home Workers Guide” you will receive complete information on their bonus plan. The company will give you all the details on how you will receive 20% commission on every product sold to every customer that you help to generate from the order forms that you process. The Company P.B. pays you $1 for every envelope you process, regardless if the customer buys anything. If they do purchase you receive an extra 20% commission!

The best part is you never have to talk to the customers or handle any products to receive these commissions. Many mail order companies want to generate more business, but most are not willing to take on the added expense. There is the cost of adding office space, higher taxes and insurance, not to mention the time it takes to find people. All of this is costing more money. It is much easier, and less costly, to allow home workers to do the same job, while earning a higher wage.

This way everyone benefits. The companies save money on expansion and the workers can earn more from home. This program allows you to earn a good living with a company that needs home workers to mail their order forms. This program has become so successful and profitable, that many firms have adopted it. Take part in their success. The amount of money you earn is up to you. There are no obligations. You can quit whenever you want. All the work is done from your home and / or you can market over the internet, you can start immediately. You will be supplied with the envelopes already stamped and addressed. The company's success depends on your 100% satisfaction with this program.

All payments for envelopes are made to you every week and PAYMENT IS GUARANTEED. This is not an offer of employment, but rather an opportunity to become an Independent Commissioned Mailer for the company. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a proven method of making money while providing a service to a company that needs you to mail their order forms.

To get you started immediately, the company requires a one-time registration fee of only $35.00 plus shipping and handling. This deposit covers their expenses in getting you started with the guide and materials. It also guarantees you can work with them as long as you desire. Their unique program pays you $1.00 for every envelope you mail. You will never be required or asked to pay for any additional manuals, information or instructions. Remember you also receive a 20% commission on every product sold!

As much as they would like to get you started without the small fee, they must protect themselves from people who are not serious and only want to satisfy their curiosity. Of course no business can provide costly guides and materials to everyone who asks for it. This small charge assures them that you're serious about earning money from home. There is no need to be concerned about this fee, since it will be refunded to you as soon as you mail your first 100 envelopes. Now your guide costs you nothing, and you have earned $100.00. Once again, they need mailers now, and they look forward to working with you soon. The company supplies everything to get you started immediately.

Mailer Program Restricted To U.S. Residents Only.

ONLY $17.00
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Website Amazon 
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1998 - $8.7 Billion 

Website Google 
Year Website Launched
1998 - $18.5 Billion  
    Larry Page            Mark Zuckerberg         Jeff Bezos             Pierre Omidyar 4       Eric Schmidt       Ronald  Burkle  6
Website Google 
Year Website Launched
1998 - $18.5 Billion  
Website eBay
Year Website Launched
 1995 - $6.3 Billion 

Year Website Launched
 1995 $2.6 Billion 

Website Yahoo
Year Website Launched
 1995 $3.5 Billion  

Website Google 
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1998 - $5.9 Billion  
   Mark Cuban 7              Jerry Yang 8         Omid Kordestani  9         David Filo 10       Kavitark R. Shriram 11  Todd Wagner 12            
   Peter Thiel 13       Niklas Zennstrom  14       Janus Friis  15               Jack Ma 16              *Sergey Brin 2      Simon Nixon 18
Website PayPal
Year Website Launched
 1995 $1.3 Billion 

 Andrew Gower 19      Reid Hoffman 20     Zhang Chaoyang 21         Steve Chen 22            Elon Musk 23        Chad Hurley 24 
Website Runescape
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  2001 $650 Million  

Duncan Cameron 25  Marc Andreesen 26    Reed Hastings 27          Blake Ross 28        Andrew Michael 29    Max  Levchin  30
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 1995 $300 Million 


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Website Google 
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1998 $1.7 Billion    
Year Website Launched
 1995 $1.5 Billion  

Website Skype
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 2003 $1.3 Billion  

Website Skype
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 2003 $1.3 Billion   

Website Alibaba
Year Website Launched
  1999 $1.1 Billion    

Website FaceBook
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  2004 $13.5 Billion     

Website MoneySupperMarket
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Website LinkedIn
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 2005 $350 Million  

Website Sohu
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There are many ways to make money online and offline. I like to group them into three main categories:

1. Making money selling your stuff

2. Making money selling other people’s stuff

3. Getting paid to do something
Internet Systems Training:

Social Marketing
Social Networking
Traffic Generation
Affiliate  Marketing.
Viral Marketing
Micro Blogging
Email Marketing
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Auto Responders
Video Promotion
Local Search 

How many times have you heard that, to make money online, you need to create your own products?  Well, I'm here to tell you that this is NOT true. 

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