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Larry Bussey
Pro Internet Marketer
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FaceBizPro - "The HOTTEST tool that will change Marketing on Facebook forever." 

"How To Make 
Money Online” 
by Larry Bussey
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President / CEO N Vegas Group Inc.
AKA Stimulus Guru - Las Vegas, Nevada
1-888-888-9802 ext. 58821

Need Twitter Followers ?
No Password Needed...
*1,000 $10 *2,500 $15 
*5,000 $25  *10,000 $45 *25,000 $75  *50,000 $85

YouTube Views - 10K  $35
50K video views $75  
My Site: 99,208 + views 

LinkedIn - 1000 Professional Connection List $20

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How would you like to get UNLIMITED amounts of Social media users to  Your Web Page, Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and YouTube in just a few days; without repetitively paying for poor quality services 
that yield no return?

Larry Bussey resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm an expert on Internet Marketing, Social Media Specialist and Ghostwriting. I have successfully pinned numerous books as a ghostwriter. As  President / CEO / Editor of N Vegas Group Inc., I make it my business to be aware of the latest developments in my field  as a Pro Internet Marketer / Author / Bloger / Social Media Marketer,   Business / IT Expert, Social Marketing Trainer and Consultant. 

pride myself as being a thought leader in social media,  and I like to inspire others to use new media 
to create positive change in their lives. Readers of my Books write from all over the globe to ask for marketing advise and to share their own success stories.

Facebook Fan Page Registry.Com
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Gain thousands of real fans, fast.

We are offering you a professional, safe way to get fans "Leads" that are real facebook users. We are going to deliver them to you for the cheapest price on the planet.
The author of the new book “How To Make Money Online” eBook Creation For Entrepreneurs.          [ *Barnes & Nobel I'm a successful Independent Entrepreneur and Author. Want To Get Your Book Published On To The Current Generation of E-Readers? Discover How to Write,Print & Sell Your Own Book  Currently an Affiliate Scout for Free Mailer Program where 1000s people worldwide are earning quiet fortunes, from their homes, even while they sleep.
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Design & Development By Larry Bussey
If you've never been told about how to generate the world's cheapest, most highly targeted traffic, you have now come to the right website. Don't miss out on Getting your 10,000 Prospects / Leads / Fans. 

Whether your marketing budget is $1,000/day or $5.00 for the year, Larry can get you generating real traffic. This guy knows his stuff, and he knows how to generate legitimate prospects, leads and revenues for your Biz / Website / or Fan Page on Facebook.

Do I need to provide you with my fb / tweeter account details or give you admin access?
No, nothing like that is needed. I only need your fanpage / tweeter link.

Will my page get banned if I use your service? 
No, your page will not get banned since we act naturally.
We provide white hat techniques only.

Do you also offer targeted likes/fans by country? 
Yes - be sure to discuss before ordering / there's an additional cost factor.

Can I order for example 5k package and send 1k to one page and 4k to others? 
YES you can. If you buy 5k package that means you can have likes to 5 different pages. 
In this case you can buy 5k package for more pages and so-on. 

How long it will take to deliver the fans? 
We start our orders in 24-48 hours.
 We usually deliver in 2 - 3 days / larger orders take longer 5 to 10 days. 

What if I have clients or friends that want to buy likes, can I resell? YES

How do I order/proceed? 
You just follow the order instructions by clicking the link above to select your package.

What if I still don't know if thats for me and I am uncertain? 
Then you should email me and I will gladly answer your questions.

How do you get these fans / followers? 
No black hat, no bolts or fake accounts.
No fake tactics or spam, just FB real fans.
We use our extensive network of fanpages with
 over 2.890 million 100% real human fans, to whom
 we advertise manually and naturally with the
 clients' fanpages.
We use a method called Micro Targeting and Cloud Computing which is location-independent computing.   
A market that is expected to reach $130 billion in the next two to three years.
At this time we can't reveal much more since it's cruicial to our business success.


We are not giving any guarantee about the traffic you get to your page. If the likes are decreasing you must keep friends motivated to keep them. If you are for some reason not happy with the fans we offer a  Fan Replacement Guarantee      
★★ No questions asked.★★
NOTE: for orders over 25K contact me!



These Are The Packages So You Can Start Right Away !

Global/Worldwide & US Targeted FB Leads / Fans:
Small Businesses Cashing in with 
FaceBook Biz / Fan Pages
1000 Worldwide    Fans -       $20     
1,700 Worldwide   Fans -       $30  
2,500  Worldwide  Fans -       $40     
3,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $80   
4,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $120  
5,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $150  
6,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $200   
7,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $250  
8,000 Worldwide   Fans -       $275  
10,000 Worldwide Fans -       $320 
15,000 Worldwide Fans -       $350 
20,000 Worldwide Fans -       $375 
25,000 Worldwide Fans -       $400

Payments Accepted Thru

I accidently discovered the power of FB Fan Pages. At first, trying to use my fan pages was a miserable failure. And then  I tweaked the way I used my fan pages after recognizing the problem was I needed traffic / prospects / leads and fans. I did a lot of research in this regard which led to an explosion in my business.