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ATTENTION: Online marketers...

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Dear Marketer,

Relying a lot on just online advertising such as as pay-per-click and other forms of media buying isn't always the best choice to generating sales.

No matter what type of business you’re running—online, actual brick and mortar, small business, large business—you have to have a way to stay in touch with your current customers and potential customers.

Practically everyone has an email account.  You can probably count on your hands the number of your customers that don’t have one.  For that reason, building an email list is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to grow your business. 

What Can More Subscribers Do For Your Business?

Having a good list of subscribers can be beneficial to your business in many different ways.  Here are a few of them:

You can contact the people on your list each time you have a new blog post.

It’s easy to let your customers know about any new products/services you have to offer.

What good is having a sale if no one knows about it?  Email lists allow you to let your customers know about all your sales and promotions at the same time, which can cause them to want to buy.

Search engines sometimes change algorithms.  Having a strong, quality list allows you to contact everyone directly, so you don’t have to worry so much about where you fall on the search engine list.

Lists help you build long-term relationships.

Lists can be profitable—As previously stated, if you have a new product, people who you have established trust with will be the first to buy it.

Get traffic to any offer almost instantly. You simply email out to your list.

With that said, isn't it about time you build your list or if you're already building one, build it even further?
I've written a special report detailing 100 tips to generating more subscribers...

Introducing...More Subscribers

In any business, having a good traffic is an asset. Getting as much eye-balls to see your offer can
give you more sales.

There are so many ways to drive traffic but I want to share some of the most effective ways
I use to increase my traffic.

- Social Media Sharing: Share your links and offers in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ updates, groups and communities.

- Building Backlinks to your websites I heavily use SocialAdr to build easy backlinks to my websites and blog posts.

- Video Marketing: This is very effective. Just make a video and give value to your viewers and encourage them to go check out your website. Works well with UVioo where people get paid by sharing videos.

- Paid advertising: This is the game changer because you can drive traffic to your website on the demand. I've tried several companies including Google adwords but I decided to use Leaf as one of my advertising platform because I earn from it while promoting my primary business.

- Email marketing: This is the staple of my business and it should also be for your business. Simply email your subscribers to visit your website or a video that you made. Aweber, GetResponse and GVO autoresponders are the ones I trust the most. 
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