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Larry Bussey
Pro Internet Marketer
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Larry Bussey is well connected! He is now able to reach out to over 2,436 people in his Facebook / BranchOut professional network to better his career and open doors for new opportunities....

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Larry Bussey resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s an expert on Internet Marketing, Social Media Specialist and Ghostwriting. He has successfully pinned numerous books as a ghostwriter. As President / CEO / Editor of N Vegas Group Inc., Larry makes it his business to be aware of the latest developments in his field as a Pro Internet Marketer / Author / Bloger / Social Media Marketer, Business Expert, Social Marketing Trainer and Consultant.

Larry prides himself as being a thought leader in social media, who likes to inspire others to use new media to create positive change in their lives. Readers of his eBooks write from all over the globe to ask for marketing advise and to share their own success stories.

The author of the new book “How To Make Money Online” eBook Creation For Entrepreneurs [ *Amazon.Com  / *Barnes & Nobel ] Larry is a successful Independent Entrepreneur / Affiliate Marketer for Global Domains International (GDI) where 1000s of people worldwide are earning quiet fortunes, from their homes, even while they sleep.

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My guide will teach you where to find these "mysterious" writers (most marketers won't give up their sources, it's too risky), and how to get their best work out of them so you can explode your business!
4 ways you can use ghostwriters to boost your business!

5 methods for seeking out ghostwriters online.

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How to find proven ghostwriters in the "restricted access" sections of these little known websites.

3 major job boards that the top ghostwriters check regularly.

Why you should tend to stay away from "offshore" writers.

How to verify that your ghostwriter has the proper experience.

6 steps to evaluating your ghostwriter's writing samples to make sure he or she is right for you.

What you can expect to pay for the average ghostwriter (so no one can take advantage of you).

3 problems that you may run into when working with a ghostwriter and how to handle them.

What you need to know about "work for hire" agreements (so that all finished materials belong to you).

How to let your ghostwriter know exactly what you're looking for.

4 things that must be discussed before a price is set.

6 do's and don'ts to hiring and working with a ghostwriter.

And that's far from all.

President / CEO N Vegas Group Inc.
AKA Stimulus Guru - Las Vegas, Nevada
1-888-888-9802 ext. 58821
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