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Facebook Updates and Marketing Tips:

1) 10 Things Facebook Fans Crave From Your Business Page 
Excellent post by my Irish friend, Jenny Brennan; you’ll find plenty ideas here for your 2015 Facebook content marketing plan. 

Post by Mari Smith.

2) 17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners 
Give your Facebook Page a content makeover with these practical ideas from 
Kim Garst of Boom Social! (See also this popular discussion on my Facebook Page.) 

Post by Mari Smith.

3) 6 Facebook Updates That are Great for Businesses
Several of these changes may be new to you. If you don’t have some of the new features yet, they’ll be rolling out soon to more Pages and countries. Kudos to my friends at ShortStack for this great overview.

4) 17 Experts’ Tips On Dealing with The Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes 
Wonderful roundup of useful suggestions by industry pros such as Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner; Ted Rubin, Brian Carter + HootSuite.

5) 23 Of The Best Facebook Pages of 2014 
Social analytics company, AgoraPulse, did a great job of reviewing 23 fabulous fan Pages that we can all learn from. 

Post by Mari Smith.

You may find these two non-Facebook articles helpful as well:
101 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post 

This is the mother lode and one you’ll want to bookmark. We could all use a little help with getting our blog posts to catch fire and reach a wider audience!

10 Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day 

Many folks strive to ramp up their productivity at the beginning of the year. Make sure you’re allowing for plenty self-care time, too! This article has some good tips to help you stay on track.

That’s a wrap for for this week’s issue of The Social Scoop!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and peaceful week ahead. Happy Martin Luther King day to one and all (Monday, January 19th). If you have not yet had a chance to see the beautiful movie SELMA, go for it as soon as you can! I loved every second of this poignant film.

British PassportOn a personal note, last Sunday marked the sixteenth anniversary of my immigration from Scotland to the United States. On January 11th, 1999 at 11:00am in London, I boarded a plane at Gatwick airport en route to San Diego… with two suitcases and a mere £50 to my name and no idea how to get a visa. I feel profoundly grateful to the friends who supported me, and for trusting myself to follow my heart. I’ll write up my story more fully one day soon, thanks to the encouragement of my Facebook family! :)

Mari Smith

Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer | Facebook Marketing Expert | Globe-trotting Speaker, Author | 'Mari like Ferrari' | Bubbly Scottish-Canadian!

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"Facebook Updates and 
Marketing Tips!"
There’s always something new to keep up with when it comes to managing your business presence on Facebook.

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