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A recent study shows 27 percent of small businesses are on Facebook, 18 percent are on LinkedIn and 7 percent use Twitter. Social media use amongst small business has doubled, with 75 percent owning a page on a social networking site. Couple that with the 64 percent of Twitter users and the 51 percent of Facebook users who are more likely to buy the brands they follow or are a fan of and you have a lucrative mix for small companies, Deseret News.
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Training a group of up-and-coming leaders on the subject of personal branding.

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Indie authors are modern day alchemists. They are the mysterious sages who conjure obscure tales and turn them into the next bestselling book.  That magical process of turning self-published manuscripts into bestselling gold is definitely a trick worth learning. 

In this edition of  Our Indie News Letter Author Tips, we focus on FREE ways to effectively promote your book online. After all, knowing how to generate free publicity for your book is the modern equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone for creating book royalty gold online!  

YouTube – Create a mini-presentation about yourself and your book, and share it.  Friends, colleagues, client and even browsing strangers can generate a lot of buzz for your book.  Find out how successful companies and Authors are doing it. As with everything online, your video stands a better chance of spreading virally if you blog, Tweet and share it on your Facebook page.  Don’t forget to include plenty of relevant key words so that someone looking for your book will find it when they search for other related topics.  For instance, if your book is a romance novel set in Paris, the words “Romance”, “Novel” and “Paris” should be part of your key words for the video.   

Podcast - Host a podcast or an Internet radio show. This is easy to do, free, and like YouTube, can be propagated via simple Web links. By simply having a good target email list, you can get word of your project and yourself out to thousands of people.  

Blog and Twitter – This is ideal if you belong to an online community that shares your interests (say about thrillers and books).  Publishing a blog is a terrific way to tap into that community. As always, the rule of interesting, useful, and/or funny content applies to keep your followers engaged.   
Twitter works much in the same way where you “follow” people along the lines of your interest and tweet stuff of interest to your followers. Be discrete in choosing who to follow.  This will in turn help ensure you only have engaged followers who share your passion and will not find your tweets spammy.  

Spread the word about your blog by posting links and commenting on other blogs. Again discretion is advised as some blogs do not take link dropping lightly.  Note: you will actually have to engage them by offering helpful and sincere comments and suggestions, etc.  In other words, building a relationship with them and hopefully getting reciprocal links.  You should have a Twitter account for your promotion.

Websites are today’s business cards.  Everyone has to have one, especially if you want to come across as professional and important. Your website serves as your book’s online showcase and testimonial site.  You can even add a blog and update it regularly to sustain your presence online.  You can share event details about your book signings, TV and radio interviews, podcasts, photos and speeches.  Some authors even allow the first few chapters of their book to be downloaded for free.  The possibilities are near endless!

Make sure to maximize it by directing people to your website each time you post the link on twitter, Facebook, and your blog.  You might also want to post press releases about you and your book, share links to YouTube videos, and more.   

Facebook, Goggle Plus 
You’ll no doubt have heard about the 845 + million-strong social media network Facebook and its fast-growing cousin Google Plus.  If you haven’t, you’re missing out on the biggest book marketing tool on the planet.  Build your very own Facebook Fan Page and promote your book there.

Press Release
Take your ordinary press release and submit it to as many online PR Distribution networks as you can (some of these PR companies charge a minimal fee per release).  If your article is interesting enough, some major news aggregators with readerships in the millions might pick it up.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. But you can already start your book promotions alchemy with these. By tailoring your marketing in the right format, the right medium with the right message, you stand a better chance at maximizing your book marketing resources and increasing the odds of really connecting with your audience.  

Just remember to enjoy and take your time getting to know your audience and mastering the right formula for engaging them.  Great indie book alchemists are patient, thorough, and truly in touch with their audiences. 
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No, your page will not get banned since we act naturally.
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Do you also offer targeted likes/fans by country? 
Yes - be sure to discuss before ordering / there's an additional cost factor.

Can I order for example 5k package and send 1k to one page and 4k to others? 
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I accidently discovered the power of FB Fan Pages. At first, trying to use my fan pages was a miserable failure. And then  I tweaked the way I used my fan pages after recognizing the problem was I needed traffic / prospects / leads and fans. I did a lot of research in this regard which led to an explosion in my business.

  News Letter: Effectively Promoting Your Book at Zero Cost